PPG Virtual Meeting: January 2019

As it is winter, and meetings can only be held after work it was decided to have a virtual group instead of the group members coming to the practice. The meeting was to approve the Practice Annual Survey before it was given to the patients. A copy of the survey was sent via email to […more]

PPG Meeting: 23 May 2018

Present: Valerie Anthony Linda Tracy Carol Apologies: Marie Clifford Tracy explained that a new phone system was being introduced on June 20th.  This would result in a new phone number for the practice. Patients were being advised of this now and notes were being given out.  It was on the website and on the prescriptions. […more]

PPG Meeting: February 2018

Present : 4 members of the PPG group and Tracy and Carol The minutes of the last meeting re survey were agreed This meeting was held to look at the survey results of the patient survey agreed at the last meeting.  The survey agreed was sent to all members to agree on as  it seemed […more]

PPG Meeting: January 2018

Present: Linda Val Carol This meeting was set up to produce and agree the next patient survey.  The 2 members were chosen to help with as they had volunteered.  The meeting was held at 2pm. We all felt that the survey needed to be changed to make it a much simpler form with less questions […more]

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