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Present : 4 members of the PPG group and Tracy and Carol

The minutes of the last meeting re survey were agreed

This meeting was held to look at the survey results of the patient survey agreed at the last meeting.  The survey agreed was sent to all members to agree on as  it seemed not worth meeting as a group.  Once all had agreed the surveys were issued and the results were discussed at this meeting.

The results are shown below:

Ightenhill Medical Centre Patient Survey 2017-2018

The survey was carried out over a 2 week period.  The response has not been good for several years. It was decided to make the survey very short and to ask one receptionist to be responsible for looking after the distribution and collection of the forms. There has been a much better response this time but again several have not answered all the questions.

A. Some questions about you

Q1. How old are you?

15 or younger 1 55 – 64 11
16 – 24 3 65 – 74 15
25 – 34 20 75 – 84 7
35 – 44 12 85 and over 1
45 – 54 10

Q2. Are you male or female?

Male 42
Female 38
Prefer not to say   0

B. General Satisfaction

Q3. What, do you think is the best thing about this GP practice?

See Report*

Q4. What one thing would you like us to do to improve your experience of this GP practice?

See Report *

Q5. Would you recommend this GP surgery to someone who has moved into the area?

Yes 72
No   8

Q6. How would you rate your experience of the following?

(10 is high and 1 is low)  Score each one from 10 -1.

Reception Area Doctors Nurse and HCA Receptionists
See Report * See Report * See Report * See Report *

Report on Survey 2017-2018


There were 75 comments made. The majority of the comments stated that the practice was very friendly. They thought that the receptionists on the whole were polite and friendly and were professional in their attitude. It was thought that the manager was very helpful. Many comments were made indicating that the surgery was local and accessible.  The appointment system is thought to be very good. There was a personal touch at reception and the staff tried to help with any problems.  It was also commented that it was good that the practice was open some Saturdays. It was also noted that there were several comments made that the all the doctors seen were good and thorough


There were 52 comments made of which 14 commented that nothing needed changing. The time to answer the phone was commented on and it was suggested that there was more than one line in as sometimes the phone just rang with no answer or it was engaged for a long time.  The waiting time to see someone once here was too long and need to be improved.  Several asked for a water machine to be in reception and to have some up to date magazines to read. There is no confidentiality at the front desk and can hear everything going on. This needs to be improved. More nurses’ appointments are needed on other days of the week.  Free Wi Fi was requested but it is already available.


All 80 replied to this section. The figures below are included in the scores 7-10. In general most were very satisfied with all 4 areas. There were a few in the scores 3-6 for all 4 areas and two outliers in the 1 score for receptionists.  It was noted that these two had complained about a lot of things in the survey.

Reception Area Doctors Nurse and HCA Receptionists
Score 7-10: 73

Score 1-6: 7

Score 7-10: 65

Score 1-6: 15

Score 7-10: 69

Score 1-6: 11

Score 7-10: 69

Score 1-6: 11

The results were discussed, and it was felt that this new survey was much better as we had a good return. One member of staff was responsible for giving them out and it seemed to work.

It is with regret that one of our members has now retired as he finds it difficult due to his age to get to the practice.  He has made a great contribution to the group and will be missed. As we do need to encourage others to join it was felt that it may work if the GP asked patients as they came in to see her at an appointment as it was difficult to recruit other members.

You can download these minutes here: 28 February 2018

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