PPG Meeting: 23 May 2018logo


  • Valerie
  • Anthony
  • Linda
  • Tracy
  • Carol


  • Marie
  • Clifford
  1. Tracy explained that a new phone system was being introduced on June 20th.  This would result in a new phone number for the practice. Patients were being advised of this now and notes were being given out.  It was on the website and on the prescriptions.

  2. GDPR was explained and the effect it had on the practice.  All staff have been trained and great care must be taken.  All staff have signed a confidentiality form when they first commenced their job here.  The mandatory documents and notices re on display in the practice

  3. Tracy explained about “Care Navigation” and its meaning.  All staff have been trained and may ask questions when patients are ringing for appointments.  This will not affect the good care received at the practice.  Certain medications are no longer on prescription and are to be purchased at a Pharmacy. Self- care and navigating to the correct Healthcare Professional could make it easier and quicker to get help and treatment that waiting to see a doctor.  However nobody will be refused a GP appointment if they really insist.

  4. The meeting finished at 6pm. The date of the next meeting TBA

You can download these minutes here: 23 May 2018

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