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  • Linda
  • Val
  • Carol

This meeting was set up to produce and agree the next patient survey.  The 2 members were chosen to help with as they had volunteered.  The meeting was held at 2pm.

We all felt that the survey needed to be changed to make it a much simpler form with less questions but covering the same areas.

After several discussions we decided on a format which covered only on side of A4 paper with simple clear questions.  It was felt that this would help patients.  It was reported that some patients commented that they were not happy keep doing surveys as some had obviously done MORI forms as well.

Our survey this year would explain that this was an internal survey.  We thought it would be good if the GPs could encourage patients to do this.

The meeting was closed very quickly as the weather had deteriorated and it was snowing hard.

Another meeting to approve the survey was to be held later

These minutes can be downloaded: 31 January 2018

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